Tef Gel 1oz Syringe

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Tef-Gel is a PTFE-based waterproof lubricant with anti-corrosion and anti-seize properties. Tef-Gel® is set to last in salt water conditions and does not break down in detergents. Harken's Tef-Gel® should be used in assembly of marine equipment to eliminate the risk of galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals. Ideal when attaching stainless steel fittings to an aluminium mast or boom. This practical gel has helped the maintenance of boats for years and is recommended by our rigging department.

  • Supplied with micro brush
  • Riggers best friend!
  • Essential to keep bottlecrews etc in tip top condition
  • Stops corrossion & galling
  • Developed originally for the Aerospace industry