Solarez 1oz Low-Light Polyester

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SOLAREZ 77200 is our original fiber-reinforced putty from 1987 with UV inhibitors designed primarily for surfboard repair with weatherability.

It is a thixotropic putty composed of polyester resin, reinforced with both ceramic and glass fibers. It possesses good corrosion resistance and mechanical specs that make it suitable for many applications repairing wood, metal and many plastics except Styrenics, like styrene sheet and Styrofoam which it will melt.

Ceramic fibers impart higher heat tolerance as well as increasing the puttyʼs overall adhesion as these fibersʼ denier is quite thin and allow for good mechanical “tooth”.

Glass fibers impart good fill & formability into voids that when cured, can be machined or tapped.

The putty cures (<5 min.) upon exposure to the safer UVA light (365-400 nm) amply available in natural sunlight and low wattage fluorescent suntan bulbs.

This putty exhibits a prolonged “B-Stage” whereby it remains firm and rubber-like for a good 10 minutes allowing the user to cleave off excess material and make for an easier final sanding.

Conveniently, curing commences within 30 seconds of exposure to mid-day sunshine in nonpolar latitudes.

Ambient temperatures as low as -20°F or as high as 120°F have little effect on cure time or physical properties of Solarez.

Another phenomenon attributed to UV curing is the ability to start and stop the reaction when so desired.

You may cure the resin for approximately one minute until it has reached “B-Stage” (when the putty is firm) but not yet hard. At this point, the putty is easily cut by a razor blade. When the excess material is cleaved away, the user can “resume” curing by exposing it to sunlight again.

In general, mechanical properties are good. It can be sanded, drilled and tapped and is an excellent substrate for painting.

Polyester putties have long been used in the automotive industry as body fillers and the fiberglass fibers increase the productʼs overall durability and mechanical tooth as well as corrosion resistance.

Finally, this putty is a “Dual-Cure” putty. It can be mixed with MEKP catalyst that will allow it to be “dark-cured” as well. It can be cured 100% by MEKP or by Sunlight or both. This can be convenient when some areas of the repair substrate will not allow sunlight (UV light) to reach certain areas