Mistral Slipstream 12'6

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  • The Slipstream 12’6 is a super slick and quick, low-lying, flat water race board. Not a technical board, this is a flat water specialist craft, that handles choppy waters with ease. Its low lying above water structure, ensures that high winds, affect the hull as minimally as possible, an often overlooked factor of design. It’s won big races and set records, a really lovely board with lots of built in intuition.SLIPSTREAM 12'6 x 26" x 20.9lbs ((384,50 x 66,04cm x 9,5 kilo gewichtsverlies)
  • Optimum for paddlers up to 187lbs (85kgs)

  • Key Features:

      • Carbon PVC Layup 
      • Grab Handle
      • Leash plug
      • Central US fin box (fin not included)

    12'6 x 26 Slipstream 
    Part number 170.141.126