Ruk - 50L Dry Bag with Straps

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Brilliant Dry Seal waterproof bag with additional back pack straps supplied by iconic Gul International - an essential piece of equipment no matter what your activity especially if it involves water !! Size 50 Litre with aprox height of 94cm (before roll down) and a diameter of 30cm .Heavy duty construction but extremely lightweight - stores completely flat when not in use or rolled up taking up minimal space. This bag features the additional back pack style straps for easy carry.

This bag keeps water out full stop! If you need to keep clothes dry or indeed separate / store wet/muddy kit then this item is for you. These tough, durable bags have a multitude of uses - keep a couple in your car ready to make your life more comfortable. At the beach, out on the water in canoe or kayak or camping maybe - pack items in the bag, seal and they will stay completely dry . Likewise if you have wet kit like just pack in the dry bag, seal and keep the wet in - no more damp or muddy car seats or boot. Especially good for paddlers or campers due to their compact nature and ability to keep things dry. Can easily be stored in a rucksack or under a deck net etc.


  • Durable PVC fabric
  • 100% waterproof
  • Robust webbing and clip buckle closure
  • Watertight dry seal roll down top
  • Additional back pack style straps