Rope Seal - Hot Knife

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A convenient way to quickly cut synthetic ropes and cords, sealing them to prevent fraying and unravelling. Butane powered, this hot knife is especially useful for sealing spliced ropes, adjusting lengths, and more, all with a powerful and adjustable butane gas flow making it as hot as required. The Toolbox Hot Knife has a clear gas chamber so you can see just how much butane is left in the resivoir, and can be refilled with ordinary lighter fluid available online or in store with us.

Be careful when cutting the rope to not use a temperature higher than necessary - some man made synthetic ropes melt quickly and the molten plastic can pool under the pressure of the knife resulting in large chunks or very hard and often sharp plastic which can slice hands open if used on fast lines.


  • The Rope Seal Toolbox is a butane powered, portable, hot knife rope cutter
  • Fits neatly in the toolbox
  • Cuts and seals rope
  • Heat gun & torch
  • Piezo electric ignition
  • Transparent gas reservoir
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Lighterfuel refill