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This uniquely different shape to that of a conventional classic eliptical surfboard, demonstrates ultra parallel lines allowing it to be ridden smaller and narrower than previousy considered functional, maintained by ideal rider volume and foam distribution. Parallel lines reduce drag and increases planing lift, improving potential speed as a result of lessened water resistance. Suits point breaks, beach breaks, hollow and fuller waves, which are clean and smooth.

Known simply as ‘Tomo’ shapes by many surfers, SUP brands have embraced the shape over the past few years and indeed it has become rapidly favored by many and embraced by SUP surfers. One of the great advantages is the ease of traveling with a board which can be considerably shorter than with that of a conventional elliptical shape which any one rider can manage to stand and perform on.

7’10 x 30.3″ x 4.3″ x 129lt