NEBO - Omni 3k Rechargeable Torch

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rechargeable flashlight indicator, when your LED torch or light is charging you get a clear indication of who much juice you have.360 degree LED lighting, these LED lights provide lantern lighting for a full 360 degrees of lighting.C.O.B. lighting creates a powerful area light ideal for working or campingFlashlights constructed with durable ABL construction, ideal for work lights that need to be tough and robust.Flashlight that also doubles up as a power bank for your phone or any electrical device. Great for camping or when you cannot get to a socket.

fitted with a magnetic base, these flashlight or work lights with attach their selves to metal surfaces. Ideal companion for mechanics and tradesmen to allow you to work hands free and point the light where you need it the power for when you need it using our dimming technology, set your flashlight or head torch to the brightness levels you need.IPX4 water resistant rated flashlights and head torches


The OMNI 3K is the ultimate, omni-directional work light that boasts a powerful 3,000 lumen, Dual C•O•B output with a red hazard feature.

The OMNI 3K features an adjustable, magnetic handle to provide convenient carry, magnetic attachment or a sturdy base for hands-free light. Each C•O•B panel rotates to give light everywhere that you need it, and the dimmer controls give you the right amount of light. Completely rechargeable, the OMNI 3K also features a power bank to charge your USB powered devices.

• Dual C•O•B High (3000 lumens) - 1 hours / 70 meters
• Dual C•O•B Low (300 lumens) - 4 hours / 22 meters
• Single C•O•B High (1500 lumens) - 2 hours / 50 meters
• Single C•O•B Low (150 lumens) - 8* hours / 18 meters
• Red C•O•B (7 lumens*) - 15* hours / 8 meters
• Red C•O•B Strobe (7 lumens*) - 20 hours / 8 meters

• USB-C rechargeable
• 4000mAh power bank
• Tripod mount 1/4"-20
• Rotating magnetic handle
• Rotating C•O•B panels
• Water (IPX4) and impact-resistant
• Non-slip rubber coating
• Battery charging indicator

• Rear-positioned ON/OFF button and 2 buttons for adjustable brightness

• USB-C charging cable included

• Powered by integral rechargeable battery
(Recharge time: 2 - 8 hours)

• 530 grams
• Height: Folded- 127mm / Flat- 178mm
• Width: 136mm
• Diameter: Folded- 50mm / Flat- 45mm