Mistral Vortex SD2 14'

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The Vortex 'Special Development no.2' (SD2) is an advancement of our highly successful Vortex, multiple winner of the 11 Cities and other premier events and past world record 24hr distance record holder.

Vortex SD2 14' x 20.5”
Vortex SD2 14' x 21.5”
Vortex SD2 14' x 23.5"

This is one of the most stylish and purposeful looking race boards on the marked which also gives the ultimate performance. The Vortex has been precisely designed with full thought process of every single part of it. Nothing on this board is by accident or without reason/purpose. This is one of the fastest boards out there and the best part of it, is that it’s still very stable and not only pros will totally appreciate it. Amazing choice for flatter waters, long distance cruising or racing. It’s forgiving, quick board that loves to be paddled hard. Unique shape, clean entry and exit lines grant most efficient hydro-dynamics. Paddling this board is not as challenging as you might think.

Revolutionary shape, carbon construction and perfectly balanced buoyancy makes this board one of the best in the world. Proof for that are victories in major SUP races and Guinness World records (it won two times the prestigious 5 day event 11 Cities!) in both men’s and women’s divisions. Best choice for flat waters, racing and long distance cruising.


  • Hydro-dynamically advanced design
  • Race proven winner
  • Super stable for given width
  • Long glide time for given length
  • US Box for universal fin fitment

Twin layer carbon fibre composite with EPS inner core. Vacuum bagged and oven baked to produce and ideal dry weight and super strong finish.
Avoid storing in direct high. When dry, store in dry, well ventilated place avoid humid heat sources.
Use a board bag to protect from abrasions and off water damage and when on roof rack of vehicle.
Developed and tested by our design team in Holland and the UK. Components have been tested to ensure they meet nominal expectations of performance within reasonable expectations of form, function and budget.
Repair any damages using epoxy based resin only.