Mistral Twin Air Jive 12.6

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The Jive is the longest of the Mistral inflatable Twin Air Technology® windsurfer board family, aimed at the long-board windsurfing enthusiasts who
embraces the old school style of windsurfing in true Malibu fashion. Ideal for inland waters, shelter lagoons and bays and more, the Jive is a low to moderate wind performer that can handle higher winds with smaller sail when you want to really hook in and hold on. Removable foot straps provides added fun and control. Features fixed mast foot positions using standard 8mm female thread.


  • 12.6’’ x 31’’x 6’’
  • 350 ltr
  • 13.02kg


  • - Board 
  • - Handpump 
  • - Us Finbox,  fin  8'' Included. 
  • - Repair Kit