Mistral Tamari 6.3" X 15.2"

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This paddle is the best value for junior paddlers, it benefits from it's adjustability as more than one person can customize to their optimal length. The carbon composite shaft is strong and light enough to be easily managed. Combined with a narrow gauge (diameter) through the shaft, it is super comfortable and easy to grip. The blade is made from polycarbonate, a super tough plastic which lends itself to rough treatment and impact on hard objects.


The Tamarii is available as a two piece adjustable.

  • 2-piece adjustable Min height 54,5"(138.5cm) - Max height  72"(177cm)
  • Clamping System -  Single flat head screw


  • 6.3 "x 15.2" blade 
  • Mid aspect
  • Palm grip
  • Shaft flex moderate
  • Blade shaft - inner sliding part has incremental measurments in cm and inches
  • Round carbon composite shaft 
  • Polycarbonate blade
  • Unpadded nylon paddle bag