Mistral Diamond Head Longboard

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The Mistral Diamond Head Longboard is a stylishly designed Street-surfer board. Great to use everyday or when it's impossible to get on the water. 

The Deck has a minimal flex and 8 separate layers: 6 core layers of Canadian maple, the top and bottom layer are made from bamboo.

The JUCKER HAWAII 78A wheels in combination with the Abec7 bearings and 80A Bushings make the board a very smooth cruiser even on rough surfaces.

The Deck

  • Length: 111 cm / 43.7"   
  • Width: 25.3 cm / 9.96"
  • Material: 8 Layers (6 layers cold pressed Canadian maple 2 layers bamboo)
  • Flex: HardInnerhole
  • Wheelbase: 85.5 cm
  • Truck Mount: Top Mount, Newschool
  • Cleargrip