Lifejacket Mineral Sun Stick SPF 50+

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Pocket-friendly, 100% mineral SPF 50+ sun stick for face and lips (15g)

Heavy-duty face and lip protection particularly for those on the water or up a mountain. Has the added convenience of being handheld and easily fitting inside a pocket. The 100% mineral formulation uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to provide a bulletproof layer of physical protection on the skin’s surface.

  • Non-greasy formulation
  • Glides across the skin effortlessly – just swipe and go
  • Leaves a light white mark on the skin which you can leave or rub in (depending on the look you’re after)
  • Fragrance-free
  • Engineered using first-class ingredients and formulation technology
  • Used by professional athletes because it’s non-greasy and doesn’t cause stinging or burning, particularly in the eyes
  • Water-resistant and cruelty-free
  • For all skin types and clinically approved for sensitive skin