Clamcleat CL217 Mk1 Side Entry Mk1 (Starboard)

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The side entry fairlead allows ropes to be hooked in for cleating, yet easily removed.  Ideal as a reaching hook. The CL217 Mk1 can be fitted with a CL814 Keeper, to keep the rope in or out of the teeth - ideal when used under a spar.  Using a CL818 Tapered Pad allows the CL217 Mk1 to mounted at an angle.

CL217 Mk1 is available in two finishes:

1. CL217 Mk1 has a silver stove enamel finish for a cost effective, high quality coating.

2. CL217 Mk1AN has a hard anodised finish to give a hard wearing surface. 

For the Port version of this cleat see CL218 Mk1. See CL827-17 for a version of this cleat that is rigged on a rope. Ideal for use on sports nets and sun sails.