Allen 28mm Composite Cam Cleat

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Allen cam cleats have had over 50 years of meticulous R&D to perfect their design. Available in either Alloy or Allenite* the jaw profile optimizes rope entry and exit for smooth cleating and uncleating, whilst double coil springs and ball bearing technology give consistent cam action. The addition of the ultra-prolead with optional wire reinforcement enhances cleating angles for superior performance and longevity.

*Allenite is a proprietary material developed by Allen specifically for high wear resistance, low weight and good heat dissipation. This carbon composite material is ideal for cam cleats.

For ultra-hardwaring applications you can’t beat the alloy series cam cleat for strength and durability without shredding your line.

Specifications -

  • Hard Anodised Alloy
  • PTFE Coated,
  • Ball Bearing
  • Rope Size 2-6mm
  • Fixing Centre 28mm
  • Weight 29g