Allen 20mm Single Ti3 Tie-On High Load Block

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20mm Single Ti3 Tie-On High Load Block

The Ti3 has been developed by the Allen design team for the paragliding and kiting industries but is now being used in the marine sector, featuring a wider opening at the top of the block and flatter sides when compared to the Tii. This design results in a simpler block to thread rope around. The block still fits in the same footprint as the original Tii and makes use of the same three sheave options which are tried and tested across the 20mm range. Featuring a stainless steel sheave with the Allen patented dynamic bearing technology results in maximum performance and longevity as well as the capability of working with wire.
Length - 29mm
Line diameter - 2.5 - 6mm
Break load - 540kg
MWL - 250kg
Weight - 14g